A. Schwarzenegger, Last action hero

A. Schwarzenegger, Last action hero:


Hamlet: To be or not to be… Not to be.


Jack Slater: I’ll be back! Ha! You didn’t know I was gonna say that, did you? 
Danny Madigan: That’s what you always say! 
Jack Slater: I do? 


Jack Slater: You’ve seen these movies where they say « Make my day » or « I’m your worst nightmare »? Well, listen to this one: Rubber baby buggie bumpers! 


Danny Madigan: Where are the ordinary, everyday women? They don’t exist because this is a movie! 
Jack Slater: No, this is California. 


Danny Madigan: OK, I got one. What about this girl right here. She is way too attractive to be working in a video store. 
Jack Slater: I agree with you. I think she should be working with us… under cover of course… 


Danny Madigan: …I though I was going to die. 
Jack Slater: Well I’m sorry to disappoint you but you’re gonna live to enjoy all the glorious fruits life has got to offer – acne, shaving, premature ejaculation… and your first divorce. 


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